Why you Should Take Online Pilot Training

Maybe you dream of becoming a pilot and don’t know how to start because of your busy schedule and because you don’t get time for physical classes. If you are a pilot, you would love to get a refresher course as you work.

Well, you don’t have to miss your classes or lag. The overseas student is not let out either; you can apply for the part 135 online training course and learn theory studies. You can learn from the comfort of your home until the day you are ready to fly. Learning online part 135 has many benefits; stick around and learn more.

Benefits of Learning Pilot Course Theory Online


In the online part 135 course, you can learn at your pace since there is no strict schedule. Meaning it’s flexible; you can learn as you work since there is no obligation to be in class full-time. You come up with your class schedule instead of the school arranging the schedule for you. You can access the course from any part of the world, and the trainers can also manage the training from any location.

The classes are packed with everything you need for your theory, including videos you can watch anytime you want and access from any part of the world. The course is more accessible than a physical class since all courses are accessed from a central location.

Pockets conscious

Most aviation courses are costly, considering there are no traveling costs. As an overseas student, you become more advantaged because you don’t have to travel, saving a lot of cash on expenses. There is no need to get in a physical classroom or buy training aids and other materials.

Distance learning

With distance learning, you are assured of distance learning, and the training is safe even after the recent COVID-19.

Content quality

The course’s content meets regulatory requirements, so you don’t have to feel like the online class could be better. You can also create customized content that includes graphics that you can update and brand.

Access control

As long as you have registered for the course, you can access it from your device, where you can download the content to read later, even in places with no internet coverage. Trainers can access the course content, edit, and set up assignments from any location. And since the course is in a central place; all trainers have access to and control of the content.

How do Pilot Training Online Classes Work?

You are supposed to register to the supplier-based platform; every student must log in using their preferred device, like a tablet, computer, or iPad connected to the internet. The courses are completed through multimedia tools like audio mp3, videos, animations, and presentations. The course supplier is responsible for providing learners with online instructions for the course-written exam.   Then you will go through the course and pass the examination on the platform.

Afterward, the student is sent an email with a certificate they can print.


Online part 135 online training is better than traditional training because of its massive benefits, like cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and distance learning. You don’t have to wait to raise enough to travel overseas to study. You can work and train simultaneously at your pace, which is impossible with physical classes.