Unemployed Professors Review

The first thing that hits you immediately the Unemployed Professors page loads is how casual the entire webpage looks. At first thought, you might begin to question the legitimacy of the site and if they can really provide that A-class paper that you need to pass the course. Legitimacy can easily be established by going through the various links on the home page and even checking out the reviews on the page itself or on other external sites. The reason why the look is casual is to probably attract and appeal to the psychology of the young demographic that the site targets; college and high school students.

Who are Unemployed Professors?

Unemployed Professors is a Montreal-based company, founded in 2011, that offers to do papers and assignments for students. The title is derived from the very people that do the work for you – disenfranchised professors who need to put an extra dollar on the table.

Based on numerous reviews, it is without doubt that real life professors do the papers based on the grammar and quality of paper that clients received.

Birth of the company

The birth of the company is told on the company site in colorfully illustrated images. The comical strip tells the tale of how one day an unemployed college professor met a former student of his, who was then an employed professor, and all she could do was talk about her students and how awful they are. This got the professor thinking on how he could help those students and finally hatched the idea of unemployedprofessors.com.

Whether the tale is true or tall, that remains to be seen. The truth however, remains – if the company has managed to remain running since 2011, then it must mean that they are doing something right and delivering upon their promises.

Services offered

Unemployed Professors offers a lot of services for both undergraduate, postgrad and high school students. Some of the services offered include

  • Thesis writing
  • Student essays of any kind
  • Articles and article critiques
  • Reviews
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers

They also offer other miscellaneous services such as proofreading, editing and formatting of papers and essays. They also sell books and resource material for students.

Trustworthiness of the site

The trustworthiness of unemployed professors can be established by the huge number of positive reviews on their reddit and Instagram social media handles. Based on these reviews, the site does a good and timely delivery of any paper you request, be it a simple term paper or a complex doctorate research paper.


Pricing in the Unemployed Professors’ website is based on a bidding system. Once a student posts a project they want completed, various writers post bids on the project. The student can then make a decision on which of the bids to select. However, the average pricing is about 8 to 15 dollars per page depending on how complex the paper is.

Delivery and special options

The time of delivery is specified when posting a project. This can range anywhere from several hours to even a month depending on the complexity of the project. Small time frames are more likely to cost the student more.

Special options are also available when posting a project. These include

  • VIP Service – Your paper is given priority and more carefully written than a non-VIP paper.
  • Plagiarism report – A report to certify originality of the paper is included as a part of the paper.


The website definitely tops the chart when it comes to an entertaining and refreshing outlook. That, is however, besides the point. The quality of services offered is very good. The fact that all the writers are individually vetted by management is also a vote of confidence on the reliability and quality of the work. Real-life professors doing assignments is also a plus since they can tailor the paper to appeal to another professor. If you are willing to overlook the design of the site, then this site comes highly recommended for any type of quality paper.