The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Once thought of as simply a time for children to play and spend time with friends, early childhood education has been proven important time and time again by studies that early education plays a huge role in the development of children’s brains and how they learn about the world around them. Some people may have concerns about the importance of early childhood education and would rather keep their children at home with them during the day; however, but all children can benefit from time spent in an educational environment when they are young. From having more advanced social skills to being able to pay more attention in class, children who are enrolled in quality early childhood education programs enjoy benefits that other children don’t.

Social and Emotional Skills

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of social skills. While it’s imperative that children learn how to interact with their family members in an appropriate way, learning how to interact with people outside of their family is just as important or even more so. Children who learn at a young age how to interact with others socially will be less likely to suffer from shyness that interferes with their development.

Emotional regulation is incredibly important for normal human development and children have to learn this skill at a young age in order to be successful when they are older. Learning how to understand your feelings, express them appropriately, and empathise with others is important and will be best learned at a young age in a safe setting.

Learn Patience

All adults have to be patient during multiple situations each day. From standing in line to being on hold, being able to wait patiently is a learned skill. Children too need to practice this regularly to learn patience. By learning through example, practicing patience in the classroom, and sharing with friends, children can learn this valuable life skill.

Become More Resilient

While all parents want to shield their children from ever being hurt or disappointed, this is actually very unhealthy as it is not how the world will treat them when they are older. To build coping strategies to help with disappointment in the future, children will have to have a secure environment where they are able to fail without major consequences. From falling on the playground to losing a game, resilience is built slowly and through multiple efforts at a quality early childhood education location such as Thrive Early Learning Centre.

If you have young children, then you are aware of how quickly they grow and how quickly they can learn new topics and gain insight into daily life. By enrolling your child in a reputable program, you will be able to facilitate not just his or her knowledge of academic subjects but also his or her emotional and social growth as well.