How To Write Better Topic Sentences For Students Of Economics Tuition

Topic sentences are the next thing after the introductory paragraph of an economic essay. Their job is to summarize the content of the essay or more precisely, that specific paragraph.

It is essential that your topic sentences should go with the sequence of your introductory paragraph. The following few examples can show you how a nice introduction and topic sentences can contribute in a well-tailored essay.

Question: how can a car maker plan his strategies for marketing if he has an understanding of the concept of elasticity? (15m)

Few topic sentences as examples

Number 1:

Applying price elasticity in order to up the total revenue, a manufacturer can charge a higher price where price elasticity is possible for his product. Whereas, low price can help in case of price-inelasticity.

Number 2:

If a manufacturer sells a normal product, he can raise his output when economic growth is good. But if his product is inferior, he can increase the output at the time of recessive economy.

Economic Essays – Important Components In A Paragraph

Once the structure is finalized, we should focus on the components that make the remaining essay. A structure works as the bones and components work as organs of the whole essay body.

The DDEE formula is followed by Mr. Koh for essays in economic tuition.

Definition, Diagrams, Explanation (body), and Examples.

Diagrams in an economic essay work as low hanging fruits according to Mr. Koh. So a good memory for diagrams will help you secure good marks.

Explanations help in assisting the concept delivered in a paragraph and examples are the best way to carry out this assistance. Although it is sometimes not possible to come up with an example in certain topics and it should be kept in mind that giving an irrelevant example will make you lose focus as well as marks. But the importance of examples is not less when it comes to giving explanations.

Some students of Economics tuition ask if they should include any definitions because they are able to come up with a lengthy paragraph for an introduction. Mr. Koh normally would not suggest making the paragraph lengthy and if the students want to include definitions, they should relate them to the keywords first. Economics tuition students can make an introductory paragraph by consulting the main arguments first which will improve the quality of their essay in many ways.