Get Pilot’s License: Train Online

Dreaming about flying an airplane has been the in-thing.  But sometimes, during the lessons, the instructor is holding the hand too tight, making it hard to learn how to fly.

Well, now there is a solution! Online pilot training has become one of the fastest-growing industries in America. With online training, pilots can go at their own pace and learn what they want to know about flight without feeling intimidated by the process. This blog post will highlight things to do to get a pilot’s license.

Find an Online Flight School

The internet has unlocked a new world of possibilities for everyone in the aviation industry. Many people who want to become pilots can’t attend an in-person flight school because they live too far away or can’t afford it. Still, a person doesn’t need to go anywhere near an airport with today’s technology if that isn’t feasible. Dozens of reputable online flight schools will give all the necessary training to earn a pilot license.

Take the FAA Written Exam

It’s offered at testing centers around the country. The test covers a wide range of topics related to flying, from aircraft systems to aviation law. Once a person passes the written exam, they can take the practical flight test and earn a pilot license.

The FAA offers several resources to help study for the written exam, including a free online course and practice tests. Be sure to permit plenty of time to learn, to feel confident when taking the test.

Get a Medical Certificate From a Doctor

It’s an essential step because a person won’t fly without one. Some pilots prefer their doctor to complete the certificate, while others choose a designated aviation medical examiner (AME). The AME can offer more guidance on becoming a pilot and what needs to go into the application process.

The certificate must state that the person is physically and mentally fit to fly.

Study for and Take the Oral Exam

The oral exam will include questions about the flight training, such as:

  • The use of checklists
  • Air traffic control
  • Emergencies
  • Weather

Be prepared to answer questions about the aircraft, as well. The examiner will want to know how a person would handle different scenarios in flight. The examiner will also ask the student to demonstrate various maneuvers, such as a spin or an intentional overshoot.

If a person isn’t comfortable speaking in front of others, this could be challenging.

Pass the Practical Test in the Aeroplane

There are a few things to do to prepare for the practical test on the airplane. Ensure to know how to operate all aircraft systems and be familiar with the checklists. It would be best to be comfortable flying the aircraft in different configurations, including takeoff, landing, and crosswinds. Most importantly, practice as much as possible.

If interested in flying airplanes but don’t have the time or money for flight lessons, it’s possible to do online pilot training. There is a variety of websites that offer affordable classes so anyone can learn the basics and obtain their pilot’s license.