Eye-Opening Facts About Cinco De Mayo

Everyone knows Cinco de Mayo as a colorful festive celebration with lots of music, margaritas, and delicious Mexican fare. However, this holiday has many things to tell. The name of this celebration speaks about the fifth day of May. Some people know Cinco de Mayo’s origins as a commemoration of a battle that took place in 1862.

Here are some eye-opening factors you might have never know until you’ve come across the article

Not The Mexican Independence Day

There’s a common misconception rounding the market as Cinco de Mayo marks Mexico’s celebration of independence. In fact, on September 16, Roman Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla encouraged people to revolt against the Spanish regime. The date is marked as the beginning of Mexico’s fight for independence.

It Celebrated Defeat Of French Invaders

The three-year war between two competing governments in Mexico left it in debt to foreigners. The suspension of debt for over two years upset the French, British, and Spanish debt holders. While Britain and Spain got into a negotiation, France, however, decided to take over Mexico.

Despite being outnumbered against the world-class French army, the Mexican military finally won the battle on May 5, 1862.

Symbolic Than Strategic

Mexico’s win at the battle of Puebla didn’t stop France from taking over the country. Soon Emperor Napoleon III sent 30,000 troops to conquer both Mexico City and Puebla. However, after four years of occupation, the French government finally withdrew. Still, the Mexican government continues to recognize the origins of Cinco de Mayo as a symbolic victory.

Holiday Has Texas Root

Ignacio Zaragoza led the Mexican army that defeated the French forces. Zaragoza was born in the Mexican Texas village of Bahia del Espiritu Santo – now Goliad Texas.At 15, he joined the military and oversaw the Mexicans victory at Puebla’s battle many years later. The Zaragoza society in Goliad runs the annual Cinco de Mayo fiesta with live music, arts, and many more.

Not A Federal Holiday In Mexico

Cinco de Mayo is observed, and the whole country celebrates it; however, it’s not a federal holiday. Puebla, also considered the food capital of Mexico, has the largest Cinco de Mayo. Military parades, art exhibitions, dance and theatrical performances, and delicious foods are organized.

Where’s The Largest Fest?

Fiesta Broadway has been celebrating the culture of Latin Americans and Mexicans since 1990. It is based in Los Angeles, California. This day includes vendor booths, live music, food, games, and many other elusive things.

Final Wrap

Now, you must have understood the celebration behind Cinco de Mayo. It is time to understand the rich culture behind the term and make the world understand the power of freedom.