Education Counseling Adds Value to Corporate Tuition Assistance

Students intending to attend college may require educational counseling to assist them to (as well as their parents) review schools, majors, educational funding, along with other facets of college existence. The counselor may well be a family friend with experience, a higher school Guidance Counselor or even the parents may purchase professional counseling to assist navigate the school maze.

Working professionals might also need educational counseling to assist them to pick a qualified college, centered on goals, background skills. Should you company includes a Corporate Tuition Assistance Policy, educational counseling with employees desiring to go back to school can help to save time off work degree plans and save the organization tuition dollars.

Listed here are 7 explanations why utilizing an Educational Counselor might help employees:

1)Employees requiring to complete an undergraduate degree might not determine if their former credits will transfer or steps to make this happen. One college may transfer the majority of the credits and the other college might not.

2)Employees seeking graduate levels might have an undergraduate degree from outdoors the united states and become not really acquainted with the united states college system. Their degree might not be US equivalent and also the counselor might help find classes to “bridge” to some graduate school.

3)Employees might be attracted to colleges who advertise and never take a look at other available choices for his or her levels. The “backed ads” colleges advertise all around the web but might not be the best option.

4)Employees might be unsure concerning the best major and just how that major aligns with career goals. Sometimes the main needed isn’t the most widely used degree, but might be a combination or “blended” degree.

5)Employees may decide to attend schools that tout “college credit for existence and experience” without weighing the benefits and drawbacks from the college.

6)Employees seeking graduate levels might be not aware of the way in order to save money and time on prerequisites and foundation courses.

7)Employees might need to dialogue about online learning versus on-campus, or simply discuss their decision process and obtain approval from your expert.

Companies spend huge amount of money every year on Corporate Tuition Programs. Utilizing an educational counselor can help to save employees time off work a diploma plan, help to decide on the best colleges and save tuition dollars.

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