Career Management – Mistakes You Cannot Make

Meet Suzanne.

She has been lucky – she’s enjoyed steady employment within the last ten years approximately despite the fact that she works within an industry that’s maturing and for that reason contracting. Consequently, she has not compensated much focus on career management.

However, everything has altered dramatically. Suzanne only agreed to be let go the very first time in her own career.

She’s now scrambling to obtain her proverbial “ducks consecutively.Inch

Suzanne rapidly produced an account on LinkedIn, and it has been furiously delivering invitations so that they can build her network. Once a party invitation is recognized, it is not unusual for your person to get a request a couple of days later to have an endorsement. Most of the people Suzanne requests recommendations are people whom she has not spoken within years. A number of them never labored carefully with Suzanne once they did know one another better. They may have labored in various divisions or regions coupled with hardly any connection with each other – but she requests endorsements nevertheless!

A few of these people, recognizing that occasions are tough, opt ahead and write something…while they need to stretch to generate something to state.

They do not get any acknowledgment of thanks following the recommendations are received.

Simultaneously, Suzanne finds out social media. She results in a Facebook page, and begins exactly the same process, pinging most of the same people she just contacted via LinkedIn.

Performs this seem familiar? You may know a Suzanne, too – only inside your situation it’s Jim that you labored with years back. Or Randy. You understand. The name might be different, however the behavior is identical.

Particularly when the economy is lousy, the Suzannes around the globe emerge from the woodwork.

First lesson: don’t neglect your job. It may be very tempting once the going is nice, but there will be a period when you will be left hanging, and need you’d compensated more focus on career management. It isn’t if this will occur – it’s when. Nobody is safe from the vagaries from the employment market. Even if your economy is at overdrive a couple of years back, everyone was losing their jobs for various reasons.

Second lesson: this sort of networking makes Suzanne look desperate. Worse, she’s ungrateful. Never request a recommendation and don’t thank the individual passing on.

Time to obtain seriously interested in your job isn’t whenever you realize you are going to lose your work. Make certain you are not Suzanne.