Best Tips for Studying the Bible

Many people want to read the bible as the bible is the most influential text ever written. It is good for everyone to read the Bible even though they are not a believer in Christianity because this book is full of wisdom.

There are many ways in which people can do christian bible studies online or offline. Online courses are a good way for people who don’t have more time in order to attend physical courses.

Tips for studying the Bible

Here are some tips for studying the bible even for a beginner or an experienced believer who wants to read but doesn’t know how to do it.

      Make sure to get the right translation

Go to some online website and go through all the versions of the verses and decide on the perfect version that can be easy to understand and interesting to follow through.

      Get right Bible

After choosing the translation as explained above, select the paper version of the same translation. Reading the digital version is okay but reading the paper version is unbeatable when it comes to book reading.

      Write in the bible

People can read, highlight and even write in the margins if they feel connected to any of the verses. That way it will encourage them to read more and read consistently.

If they write notes and dates and mark important passages in the bible that will help them to come back again tomorrow for studying more.

      Always start small

Keep a goal to read the Bible one chapter a day or 10 to 15 minutes a day. Once that becomes a habit, it will be possible to step up. But by starting with an over-ambitious goal it is possible for them to give up after a few days.

      Schedule time for the study

Schedule some time dedicated to reading the bible in a day. Make sure to anchor that to an already existing habit. By doing this it will become a habit to them and after doing the existing habit, it will be imprinted in their brains that they have to read the bible now.

      Get all the things required

Many people do not start reading unless they are seated in their usual spot and all the things are there around them. So as a starting step bring the bible, pen, or any other item that might be required for christian bible studies.

      Praying before studying

Consider praying before studying because in that way they can call Jesus to come and help them to read and learn the important moments that can be helpful for them.


There are no specific rules for christian bible studies. People can read however they want and whenever they want. It is okay if they are not able to complete a chapter that day, they can read a verse and leave for the day. It is completely okay to read the bible as their time permits.

A devotional is a better choice for such people as it has short focused passages that will be helpful to read a bit-sized Bible every single day.